Shooting Beauty Corporate Workshop

With today’s global workforce, creating an environment of inclusion built on respect of diverse perspectives is essential to enhancing your workers’ experience. Understanding diversity and how it can affect the flow of work can greatly improve the production of your organization and the relationship of your employees. Bring in the Shooting Beauty team to your business or corporation to help facilitate a workshop centered on issues of diversity, disability and tolerance in the workplace. 

We understand the challenges that difficult diversity issues can bring to a workplace. Through an in-depth analysis of the mechanisms of inclusion and equity, our team was able to design workplace diversity training that will instill respect in participants and allow them to broaden their outlook in life. Our diversity workshops aim to go beyond tolerance and conforming to accepting and embracing the uniqueness of each individual in your workforce. 


The mission of the Shooting Beauty corporate workshop is to help lead employees to understand how they can as a group and individually work together to create a work environment that is accepting and inclusive. The workshop aims to help educate employees in the area of sensitivity awareness, engaging them in discussions around diversity, disability and tolerance.

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The Workshop Process

We know that every individual is unique, which is why our programs are carefully planned to address the various diversity issues that may be present in your business or corporation. Through workplace diversity training, participants can gain insight on the concerns of others and develop practices that will further develop or complement professional diversity. 

The Shooting Beauty corporate workshop consists of:

  • Employee screening of the film ‘Shooting Beauty’
  • Video introduction to film by actress Cheryl Hines, of HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm.
  • Live/ interactive Q&A session following film with filmmakers either in person or via Skype.
  • Custom question guide for use before and after screening

Filmmakers will also be available to:

  • Introduce the film, providing a behind the scenes look at the creation of Shooting Beauty.
  • Conduct a post screening Q&A for all audiences.
  • Help facilitate discussions pre and post screening around topics addressed in the film.
With the right workplace diversity training, you can create an environment of respect and acceptance in your business, corporation, or organization. Contact us and learn more about our diversity workshops and projects.

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